Online Alchemist

The Gaminator range in an effort to appeal to all different types of casino game players bought out the title online Alchemist. This game is strongly targeted at beginners and these types of players will love the game experience offered by this title. The game play in online Alchemist is very easy and beginners will enjoy the simplified game experience although more experienced casino game players may quickly get bored of the slot game. The theme of the online Alchemist casino game is a Wizards Laboratory where the player is given the task to choose the right potions to turn the player’s life into one of wealth and riches. The graphics used in the online Alchemist game are excellent and the game is presented in a cartoon animated style. The background of the slot is a Wizards laboratory where there is a spell book as the background and shelves staked with other spell books, potions and magic rings. The sound effects in the casino game are excellent and really remind a player of being in an unworldly place which has a magical and mystical feel to it. The sound effects are short and sharp electronic tones and there are different sound effects for each and every different win line combination.

The game play in the online Alchemist game is very different to other games in the range due to the simple playing style that they are trying to create for the slot game. The format of the online Alchemist slot is a three reel and one win line game, the only one in the Gaminator range, which is a very simple lay out which doesn’t take long for all players to master. The one main bonus feature in the online Alchemist game is the ‘spell book’ bonus where the player must line up three or more spell books across the win line to trigger the bonus feature. This then brings up three different potion options for the player to choose from and each of the different potions pays a different winning amount to the player. The right choose of potion will actually trigger the very cool visual effect of the potion turning into gold on the screen. The other bonus feature available in the online Alchemist game is the gamble bonus feature where the player is given the opportunity to double or lose their winning fund on a chance fifty / fifty bet. This bet is only for the bravest of players as it gives them the chance to aggressively raise their prize fund.

In conclusion the online Alchemist game is an excellent game for beginners but more experienced casino game players will soon get bored of the slots simple format and bonus features. The online Alchemist game has an excellent theme of a Wizard’s laboratory which is beautifully designed and cleverly presented with the background of the game showing the pay table drawn into a spell book. The great combination of sound and graphic effects make the title a really appealing slot game.