Online Beetle Mania

The players who enjoy Gaminator games are from all different parts of the world and have different interests and hobbies. The great thing about the Gaminator games is that the wide selections of games all have different themes so that all different sorts of people are satisfied when they play a game. One type of player that has been targeted are the players who enjoy animated fun as there are a massive amount of people who love cartoons and animations. A game that is targeted towards these types of people is the online Beetle Mania title where players will enjoy a fantastic cartoon animated game. The type of people that would enjoy this online Beetle Mania slot are the types of people who like films like Shrek, Wall – E and The Incredibles. The online Beetle Mania game presents a brilliantly animated background of a recording studio and this includes microphones, speakers and musical instruments. The reason behind the musical theme is that of the animated games theme of the very successful 1960’s English Beetles band. The online Beetle Mania game cleverly combines the musical theme with the cartoon animation and the band members characters are drawn in cartoony fun animation.

The game play that the online Beetle Mania game includes is an excellent slot format and fantastic bonus features. The format of the slot game is a five reel and ten win line game so players have a moderate amount of choice in the win lines they select. The first of the bonus features in the online Beetle Mania game is the scatter bonus feature and this exciting rewarding feature is represented by the musical note symbol. The player must spin in three or more of these symbols to therefore trigger the bonus and this means the player is awarded ten win spins. During these ten wins the player can double the winning amount by managing to spin in a beetle symbol on the reels. The next fun and potentially lucrative bonus up for grabs in online Beetle Mania is the substitute bonus this is shown in the game by the bee symbol. This bee symbol can swap with any other symbol in the game except the musical note symbol. This substitute bonus can really raise player’s chances of creating a win line and therefore winning a prize. The online Beetle Mania slot also includes the gamble feature bonus which gives players a great chance to double their winnings.

The overall playing experience of the online Beetle Mania slot is excellent and players will really enjoy the creative and very fun theme. The combination of the fantastic Beetles band with the animated Beetle insects representing them is very amusing. The graphics of the online Beetle Mania game are amazing as the cartoon animations are of the highest possible quality so that players can really enjoy looking at these fun animations. The sounds in the game are also excellent and each different win line has a different sound and this again adds value to the playing experience.