Online Big Catch

One of the most different Gaminator games in the range is the novelty themed game online Big Catch. This is a game that is themed on a fun day out fishing and players will love the feeling of the fun hobby that the game manages to recreate. This is the only game in the range that bases its theme on a hobby and fun pastime. This excellent fishing theme in the online Big Catch game is something players will really enjoy and players who participate in fishing as a hobby will absolutely love this game. The game gives players the chance to escape on a lovely day out near a river where they are trying to catch some tasty fish. The fish in the online Big Catch game equals prizes for the prize fund and this is something players will enjoy trying to aim for when playing the game. The graphics in the online Big Catch game are exceptional and players through these graphics will really feel part of the fishing adventure. The background of the slot is a moving ocean where bubbles fizz to the surface and seaweed waves in the current. The sound effects of the slot game also manage to create a really aquatic feel to the game.

The game play of the online Big Catch game is of a really high standard and players will really enjoy the excitement that the game creates. The format of the slot is a five reel and twenty win line set up where players have a lot of choice and flexibility over the stake amount. The main bonus in the online Big Catch game is the completely random ‘Go Fishing’ bonus which can be started at any point in the game after a winning or losing spin. This bonus involves a noise being sounded and the reels being cleared so that a fishing rod comes out and starts fishing. Each fish caught means money in the player’s prize fund and this bonus is only stopped when the fishing rod catches the boot. The online Big Catch game also includes a substitute bonus which works when a wild starfish is spun into the third or fifth reel. This Starfish can be swapped with any other symbol on the board to create a winning line. The last bonus feature in the online Big Catch game is the gamble bonus where the player has the opportunity to double or lose their winning fund.

In evaluation of the game playing experience in online Big Catch several different factors need to be considered. The first is the excellent theme of the game and the fact the idea is very unique and players will really enjoy the chance to feel like they are on a fun day out. The graphics of the slot are fantastic due to the 3D symbols and moving background. The sound effects in the game are really good and give a very aquatic feeling the slot. The game play is also excellent and players will really enjoy the fun random bonus feature which can really boost their prize fund.