Online Book of Ra

The most successful game in the history of the Gaminator range is by far the online Book of Ra slot the game has become so popular due a number of different factors. The first of these factors is the exceptional theme that the game produces this theme is of an explorer who explores through the Egyptian world and enters into a world of ancient mystery and mystical powers. In the online Book of Ra the player is placed into the shoes of a brave explorer who is told about a magical book that is hidden somewhere in Egypt. The player is given the challenge to go to Egypt and find the book as this book is rumored to have the power to show the reader where the pharaoh’s treasure is hidden. This journey to find the book will be filled with danger and difficult obstacles that the player will have to navigate their way through. These dangers in the online Book of Ra game include scarabs, sarcophaguses and a search deep down into dark pyramids. These different factors in the online Book of Ra game are all represented through excellent graphics which allow this elaborate theme to come to life.

The excellent theme in the online Book of Ra game would be nothing without fantastic game play as this is the most important element for a player’s enjoyment of a slot. The game play in the online Book of Ra game is excellent and players will love the different bonus features that can be played for. The format of the game is a five reel and ten win line slot game which is a moderate amount of win lines for a player to choose from creating a good level of interaction for the player. The first of the excellent bonus features in the online Book of Ra game is the scatter bonus feature which is represented by the ‘Book of Ra’ symbol. If three or more of these symbols are spun in on the reels then ten win spins are activated and this creates a great winning opportunity for players. If during these win spins more books are spun in on the reels then this plays players a multiplying amount. The online Book of Ra game also includes a substitute bonus which allows players to really raise their winning chances as this feature creates as much higher chance of players achieving a win line.

The last bonus feature available in the online Book of Ra slot is the gamble bonus feature. This is where players have the chance to risk a fifty / fifty bet on whether the next card drawn from a deck of cards will be red or black this can either double or lose a player their winning fund. In summary the online Book of Ra slot is excellent and gives players a great themed slot experience as well as some excellent bonus features. The slot is very enjoyable and it is easy to see why the game has been popular as the graphics and sounds used are of the highest possible quality.