Online Bugs and Bees

The Gaminator range of games includes many different types of themes which appeal to different types of players. The release of many popular animated films like Shrek, Toy Story, Ice Age and Cars saw a massive success rate with the public so the Gaminator developers could seem there is a massive interest in animated action. This prompted them to create the online Bugs and Bees game which is a cartoon animated adventure game featuring garden insects. This game takes players on a journey to the flowerbeds at the bottom of the garden where some really cute and fun bugs and bees live. The online Bugs and Bees will really appeal to fans of animated movies as the games cute characters are really similar to the ones seen on the big screen. The graphics used in online Bugs and Bees are excellent and the animation really brings to life a fun theme, the background of the slot is that of a green garden and the symbols used in the slot game perform a individual dance when they role in on the reel. These dances of the characters in the online Bugs and Bees slot are really funny and highly entertaining to watch.

The quality and fun animation creates this awesome playing environment for a player however this on its own would not be enough for a successful slot game. The most important factor for a game to be successful is that it has high quality game play. The online Bugs and Bees slot has excellent game play due to its fun and potentially very lucrative bonus features. The format of the online Bugs and Bees slot is a five reels and twenty win line game where the player have lots of choice when choosing their stake amount. The first bonus feature in the online Bugs and Bees game is the scatter bonus feature which is represented by the musical note symbol. This musical note symbol has to be spun in on the reels three, four or five times to activate 10, 12 or 15 bonus spins. These win spins can prove very lucrative for players as they do also have the possibility of doubling their winning amount if a piano symbol comes in on the reels during the bonus spins. The next bonus in online Bugs and Bees is the substitute bonus where if the bee is spun in on the reels it can be swapped with any other symbol on the board.

In evaluation of the online Bugs and Bees game players will find that they are offered a wonderful playing experience with this slot game. This is because of the high quality playing environment that is created for the player through the excellent animated graphics and theme. The game play of the online Bugs and Bees game is also excellent and players will love the chance to play for some excellent bonus features. These bonus features particularly the scatter bonus has the potential to be very lucrative for a player.