Online Bullion Bars

One of the top titles in the Gaminator range is also one of the simplest in terms of the theme and the graphics and sound effects that are used. The online Bullion Bars game is themed on the earliest casino slot games ever realized and creates a very nostalgic feel for the player. The first ever casino slot games were invented in America over 100 years ago and were in the days of cowboys and the wild west American era. These slot games could be seen in saloons, cigar shops, bowling alleys, brothels and barbers. The first ever game was called the Liberty Bell slot due to the symbols that were used and this game tries with its appearance to recreate this early game. The online Bullion Bars slot has very simple graphics and the symbols that are used in the game are very traditional an example of the symbols used are the BAR, X, O, BAR x2, BAR STREAK and BARx3. The sound effects used in the online Bullion Bars game are also very simple and similar to original land based games. The visual appearance of the online Bullion Bars slot will really remind a player of the Wild West and will create great historical images in a players mind.

The game play of the online Bullion Bars game is excellent and completely different to any other game in the range. The first of these differences starts with the format of the slot game which is a 3 reel and twenty win line set up. This low amount of reels makes the slot look very different visually but the high amount of win lines creates a fantastic playing environment. The first of the bonus features in the online Bullion Bars game is the Bullion Streak bonus where if a player manages to line up BAR, BAR STREAK, BAR across a win line they the bonus is triggered. The bonus means the title text lights up and the reels keep spinning with winning combinations to add to the prize fund. The next bonus feature in the online Bullion Bars game is the scatter bonus which again can really add to a player’s prize fund. The last bonus in the online Bullion Bars game is the gamble bonus feature where players are given the chance to aggressively raise their winning fund. This is done by the player being given a fifty / fifty chance bet where they can either double or lose their winning fund.

In evaluation of the very different online Bullion Bars slot it is clear players will love several features of this game. The first of these is the fact that they are instantly given the feeling of being in the Wild west and playing one of the first casino slot machines. The second feature in the online Bullion Bars game is the clear and crisp quality of the graphics and the sound effects. The third is the exceptional game play that is offered on a 3 reeled slot and the different excellent bonus features that can be won in the game.