Online Caribbean Holiday

The variety of themes and concepts that the different games are designed on in the Gaminator range is massive. One of the most different and unique concepts in the range is the online Caribbean Holiday slot where players get the chance to play a game that is themed on a dream holiday. The Caribbean is one of the world’s nicest holiday destinations and its name creates images of cocktails, sun, sand and beautiful clear blue seas. This online Caribbean Holiday game aims to take players on a great journey to the Caribbean and allows them the dream of lying on a beach drinking beautiful cocktails. The best thing about this fantastic theme and feeling that the game creates is that the nature of the slot game is to win big money and therefore turn this holiday image into a reality. Online Caribbean Holiday shows lots of different elements of a dream holiday these are presented as symbols in the game there is a dolphin, a surfer, a flamingo, a cocktail and a lifeguard. The graphics in the online Caribbean Holiday game are excellent and really present the game in an fun way through the quality of the background and the characters shown in the symbols.

The game play of the online Caribbean Holiday game is excellent and the bonus features offered really give players a high chance of winning large prizes. The theme of the game being a dream holiday is a great motivator for players to push on and win the largest prizes so they can turn the dream into a reality. The online Caribbean Holiday slot certainly offers the potential for this to happen with its great bonuses including the scatter bonus. The scatter bonus is represented by the airplane symbol that awards players with forty five free win spins and all of these win spins are paid at a double amount. The second bonus in the online Caribbean Holiday game is the double substitute bonus which is represented by the lifeguard symbol. If the lifeguard symbol is spun onto the win line then it can swap with any other symbol on the board with the exception of the airplane to create a winning line. The third bonus in the online Caribbean Holiday game is the gamble bonus feature and this is where the player is given a fifty / fifty bet and the result can either double or lose a players winning fund.

In evaluation of the online Caribbean Holiday game the first element to review is the theme and this is one of a dream holiday that players will love the chance to escape into. The graphics and the sound effects are both excellent and bring the fantasy holiday theme to life. The game play of the online Caribbean Holiday slot is excellent and the scatter bonus feature in particular can reward a player with a massive winning amount. The rest of the bonus features in the game are all excellent and players will enjoy the overall playing experience.