Online Fruits and Sevens

The Gaminator range has many different games covering lots of various themes aiming to target as many different customer groups as possible. These customer groups are different cross sections of the casino game players who have different interest and wants from a game. Some of these players want an action and adventure themed slot and some want a more traditional simple game. The game online Fruits and Sevens are targeted at the people who want a simple and traditional game that feels like an original land based casino slot. The aim of the online Fruits and Sevens slot game is to give players the feeling that they are walking down the isle of a land based casino and seeing all the traditional land based slots. The game is named and centered on the symbols that are used in the slot these are the fruits and the seven. The symbols that are used in online Fruits and Sevens game are the kiwi, grapes, watermelon, lemons, oranges, apples, cherries and the all powerful jackpot winning 7. These symbols are all presented in fantastic graphics and are all presented on the screen in very crisp and sharp images that really make the online Fruits and Sevens game look appealing to players.

The most important factor for a player when they are playing a casino slot game is that the game play is excellent and of a high standard. The game play in the online Fruits and Sevens game is excellent and players will really enjoy the progressive jackpot feature which gives them an opportunity to win a huge prize. The format of the online Fruits and Sevens game is a five reel and five win line slot which is a smaller amount of win lines than some of the other slots in the range and makes the game quicker and easier to play. The aim of the game in online Fruits and Sevens slot is to line up as many of the same symbols up from the left to the right as possible to create a winning combination across the win line. The online Fruits and Sevens game doesn’t have a huge amount of bonus options available to players but the main bonus feature is a very rewarding one, this is the progressive jackpot feature. The progressive jackpot is triggered by five sevens appearing across a win line this pays a winning amount of 1000x stake.

The other bonus feature available in the online Fruits and Sevens game is the gamble bonus feature. This is where the player is given a fifty / fifty chance bet and they can double or lose their winning fund on the strength of this bet. The overall experience when playing the online Fruits and Sevens game is an excellent one as the players enjoy a simple theme well presented with very crisp and sharp graphics. The game play of the slot is also exceptional and players will enjoy the easy format and low amount of bonus options creating a fast paced playing environment.