Online Just Jewels

One of the most unique and original games in the Gaminator range is the online Just Jewels game. This game presents a very creative theme that players will really enjoy this theme is of a Jewelers shop that carries the royal Jewels. The game is centered on the various Jewels and the aim of the online Just Jewels game is to stage a robbery and steal the Jewels to become rich. This exciting twist to the game is something players will find really fun and very involving as no one can ever be in this situation in the real world. The Jewelers is displayed really nicely with a green velvet cloth as the background and the reels stand out well from this. The graphics in the online Just Jewels game are excellent and players will love how the different Jewels are used as the symbols in the game. These various Jewels look excellent as they spin into the reels and the different jewels all perform different 3D shimmering effects when they appear on the reels. The sound effect in the online Just Jewels game are equally as good as the graphics and all of the win line combinations have a different sound representing them.

The game play of the online Just Jewels slot is highly enjoyable and the players will really enjoy the speed and the difference in the win line combinations to the other games in the range. The format of the casino game is a five reel and ten win line slot game which gives players a good amount of choice of how many win lines they would like to play with. The first of the two bonus features in the online Just Jewels game is a substitute bonus which is represented by the Euro symbol. This symbol has the power to swap with any other symbol in the game to create a winning line this therefore really raises a players chances of winning. The difference of the online Just Jewels game to other games in the range is that only three symbols need to be lined up from the left to the right across the win line and these symbols can start from the middle reel. The second bonus feature in the online Just Jewels game is the gamble bonus where players have the chance to double their winnings or lose them on a fifty / fifty chance bet.

In evaluation of the playing experience of the online Just Jewels slot it is judged to have fantastic game play and excellent graphics and sound effects. The game play is very unique as the amount of symbols needed on a win line is much shorter. There are also two excellent bonus features in the online Just Jewels game and players will play hard to try and unlock these. The theme of this game is very unique and fun as players will enjoy the opportunity to see and play with such fantastic Jewels. The graphics and the sound effects manage to pull of the theme very well and create an excellent playing environment.