Online Katana

The game online Katana is one of the best and most popular games in the entire Gaminator range. The game has proved hugely successful and this is down to numerous different factors. These factors surrounding the success include the most important elements to a casino slot game and these are the game play, the graphics and sound effects and the theme. The online Katana game is themed on a historical period in time and based on a specific country, ancient Japan. This is a very interesting period of time to base a slot game on and there is a massive amount of public interest and intrigue surrounding this time period. A lot of popular modern culture is also centered on this era so there is a lot of interest from potential players on the games theme. The graphics of the online Katana game are excellent and manage to bring this complicated slot theme to life. The symbols in the online Katana game include Samurai swords, Shoguns, Temples and Japanese huts and all of these different symbols are represented in 3D imagery. The sound effects in this game are also excellent and in keeping with the games theme as they really manage to create a very tangible Japanese feel.

The game play in the online Katana slot is excellent and the combination of bonus features and slot format creates a really good playing environment. The format of the slot game is a five reel and twenty win line game which gives players a large amount of choice when selecting their win lines. The first of the exciting bonus features in the online Katana game is the scatter bonus which is represented through the samurai sword symbols. The player needs to spin three samurai swords onto the screen and this then triggers the bonus which is ten free win spins. The player can achieve an additional bonus during this feature and this is called the expanding reel bonus where the reels expand giving the player a larger winning amount. The substitute bonus is also available in the online Katana game and this gives players the chance to swap the shogun symbol with any other symbol to create a winning line. The third and final bonus feature available in the online Katana game is the gamble bonus feature where a player can double or lose their prize fund on the strength of a fifty / fifty bet.

In evaluation of this very popular title from Gaminator certain elements of the slot game are worth special attention. The first of these elements is the theme of the online Katana game which is based on a very exciting period in history so players will really enjoy the chance to be taken there. The graphics and sound effects of the online Katana game are excellent and present this theme in a fantastic style. The game play is tailored to the more experienced players and they will really appreciate the variety of bonus features that are available.