Online Kings Treasure

The Gaminator range of games are all themed on different ideas and concepts one of the popular themes that a game bases itself on is an historical one. The different historical themed games are all based on a different period in time and in different locations. The online Kings Treasure game is based in medieval England and places a player in the south of the county marching up to London with the objective of stealing the Kings Treasure. The player in online Kings Treasure is given the role of a knight who has been betrayed by his beloved King who stole from him and killed his family. The player must avenge their families’ death buy completing this quest. In this online Kings Treasure adventure the player will pass by many dangers including dark knights and wild village people until they eventually find the Kings castle and break into the dark dungeons to find his treasure. The graphics used to bring the online Kings Treasure slot alive are excellent and players will really feel as if they have been placed in medieval England. The online Kings Treasure game also has excellent sound effects that resemble an old English medieval village.

The game play is the most important contributing factor to a player’s enjoyment of a slot game. The online Kings Treasure title is excellent and players will love the fact there are numerous bonus features that can be activated. The format of the online King Treasure game is a five reel and twenty win line game which means players have large amounts of choice when selecting their win lines. The first bonus feature in the online Kings Treasure game is the scatter bonus feature. This means that players have the opportunity to spin in 3, 4 or 5 crowns onto the screen to be rewarded by 15, 20 or 30 bonus spins. The second bonus feature is the substitute bonus which is represented in the game by the ‘King’ symbol. If this symbol is spun into the win line it can be swapped with any other symbol on the board with the exception of the crown symbol. The third bonus feature in the online Kings Treasure game is the gamble feature which involves a fifty / fifty chance bet that results in a player doubling or losing their winnings. These three bonus features are all excellent and allow players to have a realistic chance of achieving good winnings.

The overall user experience when playing the online Kings Treasure game is excellent and players will love the bonus features that are available to be won. The playing format of the slot is more suited to more advanced players due to the high amount of options available. The theme of the online Kings Treasure slot is a really exciting one that will appeal to players who like history and action / adventures. The graphics of the slot game show the game off really well and players will really feel emerged in the game due to the quality of the graphics.