Online Magic Princess

The Gaminator series of games has produced many classic titles that have based on some really outrageous themes one of these titles is online Magic Princess. This is fantasy themed slot that is based in a magical and mystical land where the player is tasked with finding the Magic Princess and getting her cast a spell of riches upon them. The princess lives in a magical spiral tower and in the online Magic Princess game the player is placed somewhere far away from this location that they must find. The player in the online Magic Princess game will on their search for the magical tower come across many different magical objects. These objects can help a player on their quest and these objects include a magic wand, a magic ball and a magical crown. The player once they reach the magical tower will climb up the outside to meet the princess and have her place the spell of riches on them. The graphics that are used to bring this elaborate theme to life are sensational and the background instantly transports a player to another world. The symbols used in the game all feature different characters and objects and these are brilliantly animated in the game.

The game play of the online Magic Princess slot is excellent as it contains a great format and even better bonus features. The game format in the online Magic Princess game is a five reel and twenty win line set up which gives players the maximum amount of choice when selecting their stake line. The first of the bonus features in the online Magic Princess game is the scatter bonus feature which is represented by the magic ball symbol. If the player manages to spin in three of more magic balls then the player is given 15 win spins and the winning combinations achieved on these win spins are paid at a multiplier of times three. This is a great bonus feature and due to the high multiplying amount can be a very lucrative bonus for players. The next bonus featured in the online Magic Princess slot is the substitute bonus which means a princess on a win line can be swapped with any other symbol with the exception of the magic ball symbol. The aim of the game is to line up as many of the same symbols across a win line as possible meaning that this bonus feature is really excellent for players.

The third bonus in the online Magic Princess game is the gamble bonus where players can double or lose their winnings on the strength of a fifty / fifty bet. This means that brave players can aggressively raise their winning fund. The overall conclusion of the online Magic Princess game is that players can really enjoy this game and the challenge that the excellent game play presents. The theme of the slot is really imaginative and it successfully manages to transport a player to a different world where there are lots of fantasy elements that players will enjoy.