Online Mermaids Pearl

The Gaminator range of titles features many games that are based in many different locations one of the locations that are most popular for a casino slot game is the ocean. The ocean is very popular place to base a casino game as it places a player in a place they would normally never be able to go. The ocean is full of mystery and intrigue as it’s a place that is featured in everyday life and takes up the majority of earth’s surface area. The game online Mermaids Pearl is based in the ocean environment and has a very creative theme that users will enjoy. The theme of online Mermaids Pearl is a game where the player takes the form of deep sea diver who must find the pearl and the sunken treasure. To find these objects in online Mermaids Pearl the player must enlist the help of mans favorite mammal the Dolphin to guide the player to the treasure. In this adventure the player will come across many beautiful fish and other lovely sea creatures. The graphics used in online Mermaids Pearl really bring this game to life and players will love the detailed effects that show off the details of the beautiful creatures.

The online Mermaids Pearl game has a wonderfully creative theme but this is only one part of what the slot offers players and the main part is the excellent game play that the slot features. The slot format of online Mermaids Pearl is a five reel and twenty win line game giving the user lots of choice of how many win lines they can play with. The bonus features available in online Mermaids Pearl are excellent and the first of these bonuses is the scatter bonus feature. This bonus feature is represented by the treasure chest symbol if three, four or five treasure chests are spun into the screen then the player wins 30, 40 or 50 win spins. This is a huge amount of win spins and can therefore be a very profitable bonus for a player. The next feature in the online Mermaids Pearl game is the double substitute bonus which is represented in the game by the Mermaid symbol. The Mermaid has the power to swap with any symbol on the win line and to create a winning line. The additional benefit of this bonus is that when the Mermaid creates a win line, the win line automatically doubles for a player.

The online Mermaids Pearl game does also offer its players a third bonus feature in the form of a gamble bonus. This works by the player being given a fifty / fifty chance bet where they can either double or lose their prize fund. In conclusion the online Mermaids Pearl slot is an excellent game as it gives players the chance to play an extremely exciting slot game with great bonus features whilst enjoying a really creative theme. The graphics that recreate this theme are also exceptional and really let the player be absorbed by the adventure.