Online Power Stars

The Gaminator range really does manage to base its slot games on every different type of theme possible and one of these themes is an outer space experience. The online Power Stars game is themed on this type of exciting adventure where a player is sent into the deepest parts of space with the goal of collecting the power star. The power star results in the player becoming wealthy and the mission being a success. The online Power Stars game tries to create a very fast paced feel to it which players will love and this is done through the graphics and the sound effects. The graphics in the online Power Stars game are excellent as the background is a deep red colour resembling outer space and the title text is a gold star colour with stars surrounding it. The symbols used in the game include the various fruits and the all important star. The sound effects in the online Power Stars game are also excellent and manage to raise the tempo of the game very well. The sounds manage to raise this playing tempo through short and sharp electronic tones that make the game feel more adrenaline fueled and fast paced.

The game play of the online Power Star game is excellent and both the bonus features and the slot format are brilliant. The format of the online Power Stars game is a five reel and ten win line slot which gives the players a good amount of choice when selecting their stake and makes the game more interactive. The bonus features available in the online Power Stars game are excellent and the first of these is the Power Star bonus. This works where a star symbol is spun into any of the three middle reels and can then be substituted with any other symbol on the board to create a winning line. If this winning line combination happens then a free win spin is automatically given to the player. The aim of the game in online Power Stars is to line up as many of the same symbols from the left to the right as possible. These symbols all pay different amounts and these can be seen in the pay table, the button is found at the bottom right of the main screen. The other bonus in the online Power Stars game is the gamble feature where players can double or lose their prize fund on a fifty / fifty chance bet.

In conclusion the online Power Stars game offers players a great overall game playing experience. The game has fantastic graphics and sound effects that create a very fast paced feel to the game through various the different effects. The game play in the online Power Stars game is also excellent as the game has a unique Power Star bonus that really raises a players winning chances. This combination of a great theme, graphics and sound effects and the game play make for a really good game playing experience.