Online Ramses

The Gaminator range offers numerous games that are based on an historical period in time, all of these games are based on an exciting period and the online Ramses game is no different. The online Ramses game is an excellent adventure game that players will love as they are placed in one of the more interesting and intriguing periods in history. This period in history is the ancient Egyptian times where players will have the challenge of finding the pharaoh’s treasure. This challenge is not an easy one as the player will have to pass obstacles and dangers on their quest around the pyramids. These dangers include evil men sporting horrible mask and scarabs. The player when playing online Ramses will also pass many items that can help them on their search these things include a golden eagle, a gem and a golden temple. The graphics in online Ramses are excellent and players will love how the ancient Egyptian world is bought to life on their computer screens. The background of the slot resembles a mixture of gold and sand and the symbols all show different famous ancient Egyptian monuments and items. These symbols are all done in 3D and when they arrive on the reels they do a small performance.

The game play in the online Ramses slot is excellent and targeted towards the more experienced casino player. The game is arguably the best in the Gaminator range in terms of the bonus features that are offered to players. The format of the slot is a five reel and twenty win line machine which allows players the chance to select how many win lines they would like to play with from a large selection. The first bonus feature in the online Ramses slot is the scatter bonus feature which works by the user spinning in three of more of the scarab symbols. This activates the bonus and the player is given fifteen win spins which will add to the player’s prize fund. The next bonus feature in the online Ramses slot is the double substitute bonus which is represented by the emperor symbol. If the emperor symbol is spun into the reel it can then be swapped with any other symbol on the board with the exception of the scarab symbol. When the emperor symbol creates a winning line that line is then automatically doubled. These two bonus features in online Ramses are excellent and give the player the opportunity to dramatically increase their winnings.

In conclusion of the overall playing experience of the online Ramses game all of the different elements including the theme, the graphics and sound effects and the game play have to be considered. The historical theme is excellent as it based on a period in time that all people find fascinating and the graphics really present this theme well. The graphics in the online Ramses game show off the slot background excellently and the characters in the symbols come to life through the detailed effects.