Online Real King

The Gaminator range is very varied with the games that they have produced the range includes many different types of themes. One of these themes is a royal and elite theme that tries to create an image of premier casino game playing. One of the games that achieves this theme is online Real King and players will love the feeling of quality that they will feel when playing this game. The online Real King game through its graphics manages to create some excellent effects the first of these is the background of the slot. The background is a very attractive blue with the king’s emblem emblazoned all over it which really manages to look classy and elegant. The reels stand out well from this background and the title text of the online Real King game is written in a King’s gold colour. The title text is also surrounded by crowns and looks very appealing to players as it enhances the theme really well. The symbols in the online Real King game are presented in very sharp and crisp images and include the popular traditional fruits and the 10, J, Q, K and A. The sound effects are also excellent and the sharp and crisp tones really add to the player’s enjoyment.

The game play of the online Real King game is excellent and very enjoyable due to some fun bonus features. The format of the slot game is a five reel and twenty win line game where players have lots of choice when it comes to selecting a stake amount. This makes the online Real King game really enjoyable for the more experienced casino game players. The first of the excellent bonus features is the King of the Reels bonus which is started completely randomly and can be after a losing or winning spin. The bonus starts with a special sound being played and then a floating King appears over the reels and hands out prizes to the winning fund. The second bonus in the online Reel King game is the substitute bonus feature which is represented by the Joker symbol. This Joker symbol has the power to swap with any other symbol on the board and can create a winning line of matching symbols. The third and final of the bonus features in the online Real King game is the gamble bonus feature. This great feature gives players a fifty / fifty chance bet where they can either double or lose their prize fund.

In overall evaluation of the online Real King game players will enjoy the elitist and premier feel that the slot oozes. This theme and feel has been successfully delivered through the exceptional crisp and clear graphics and the sound effects used in the game are equally good. The game play of the online Real King game is in keeping with the premier feeling of the game. The casino game has a good format and great bonuses that can result in some really good winning amounts.