Online Sharky

The Gaminator range bought out a large amount of different games to be able to target the largest cross section of customers possible. The various games are different in themes, game play and the graphics and sound effects used. A game that has one of the most exciting and adventurous themes is the title online Sharky. The game is based in the Caribbean and places a player as a young pirate who wants to prove his worth in the Pirating world and find the buried treasure. The young pirate will have to pass through many dangers whilst playing the online Sharky game to reach this objective of finding the treasure. The dangers a player may face include other vicious and cut throat pirates and the shark invested waters that the young pirate has to navigate through. The young pirate will on his journey whilst playing online Sharky enlist the help of many people to find the treasure, the helpful objects and people that a player can find include a talking pirate, a handsome sailor and a compass. The graphics used in online Sharky to bring this theme to life are truly excellent and players really feel as if they are sailing the Caribbean seas with the wind in their hair.

The theme on its own is not enough to turn online Sharky into such a smash hit and the main reason for the games success is the game play of the slot. The game play in the online Sharky game is truly excellent as there are main exciting bonus features to aim for. The format of the slot game is a five reel and nine win line game offering players a moderate amount of choice when selecting their stake amount. The first of the bonus features available in online Sharky is the scatter bonus feature which is called the ‘Sharky’ bonus. To activate this feature a player must spin in a ship in the first reel and an island in the fifth. This then gives the player ten free win spins which can result in the player adding massive amounts to their prize fund. The second bonus feature in online Sharky is the substitute bonus where if a pirate lands on the win line it can be swapped with any other symbol on the board with the exception of the ship or the island symbol. These two bonus features can dramatically raise player’s chances of winning and increasing their prize fund.

The online Sharky game provides users with the chance to escape on a fantasy adventure on board a pirate ship on the hunt for treasure. This is a fantasy players will often dream about as it is very exciting and something players would love the chance to do. The game play of the online Sharky slot is of a really high standard with some really exciting bonus features available to players. There is also a third bonus available in the game and that is the gamble bonus feature which gives players the chance to double or lost their winning fund on a fifty / fifty chance bet.