Online Sizzling Hot

One of the most popular and recognizable games in the Gaminator range is online Sizzling Hot this game has proved a massive success with players around the world. The game is a fast paced action packed slot with plenty of excitement and players will really enjoy the environment that the slot game creates. Online Sizzling Hot through its excellent graphics and sound effects manages to create a very unique feeling that players will love. This feeling is a very fast paced one where the player will really feel their adrenaline pumping. The sounds are played at a high tempo and fast paced with sort and sharp electronic bursts. The graphics in the online Sizzling Hot slot are excellent and they recreate all of the symbols in the game with fire around them to give the image of hot and burning fruit. The symbols used in the online Sizzling Hot game are oranges, grapes and lemons along with other burning hot fruits. These symbols are placed over an intensely strong colored background of purple and red which automatically makes the player think of burning hot fire. This combination of on fire symbols and a bright background creates a really strong theme for the slot game.

The game play of the online Sizzling Hot slot is in keeping with the theme of the slot and is fast paced and furious fun. The game is played on smaller playing format of five reels and five win lines meaning there are not too many win lines to choose from making it easier and quicker for players. The bonus features available in online Sizzling Hot are limited as the game tries to play at a fast pace and just reward player’s for achieving a win line rather than offering bonuses that will slow players down. The aim of the online Sizzling Hot game is to line as many symbols up from the left to the right as possible to create a winning line. The various symbols in the game all pay out at different amounts and these amounts can be seen in the pay table. This pay table button can be seen at the bottom right of the screen. The online Sizzling Hot game does have one very interesting and fun bonus feature for the players to enjoy this is the gamble bonus feature. This gamble bonus allows players the chance to take a fifty / fifty chance bet and if this is correct then the players doubles their prize fund and if incorrect they lose everything.

The overall summary of the Sizzling Hot game is that of an excellently presented slot game where players have the chance to play in a very exciting and high octane environment. The game will really raise player’s pulses with the short and sharp effects and highly detailed graphics. The game play in online Sizzling Hot is simple and made for a fast paced game where it is easy for players to create a winning line. This game can be very profitable for players as it has some excellent potential winning amounts detailed in the pay table.